Paddle Board Rental in St Maarten

Paddle board rental in Sint Maarten is the best way to discover the coastline! As a mix between windsurfing and kayaking, paddle boarding is the perfect way to be on the sea.

Everyone can do it too! Stand up paddle is easy and fun. No need to be a great windsurfer or surfer, stand up paddle is for all.

St Maarten is the perfect place to learn this brand new sport. The island’s flat water bays make for easy gliding across the sea.

Standup paddle board lets you discover the ocean, giving you unbeatable view, too. Cruising on a stand up paddle board in St Maarten gives you a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what is going on around you, as well as better view of the underwater life. There is no better way to experience marine environments than on a stand up paddle board.

Grab a paddle board and explore the island’s beautiful nature!

Stand up paddle in Pinel Island on the turquoise water is magic! Slide between the moorings and the boats. Invite your friends for a SUP ride in the bay. Discover tranquil Little Key with its shallow water. It’s easy to head out to the sandbar too, either, alone, with friends or children. It’s completely safe and secure. Here, you can explore the reef, and even meet stingrays, sea turtles and the barracuda. Pinel Island has so many things to offer.

If you feel like trying surfing on a stand up paddle board, try the sandbar’s little wave. It’s easy to catch with our stand up paddle boards. Very close to Pinel Island, the wave is just 5 minutes away. Most often you will find that you have the peak to yourself. Just sit at the right spot and wait for the perfect mini wave. Then, catch a little wave, enjoy that sliding sensation and a sensation of pure liberty.

Saint Martin’s gourmet dining zone, Grand Case is also a terrific spot for paddle boarding! At the right end of the beach, protected from the swell and the wind, you can cruise around the bay, searching for sea turtles and stingrays. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try to paddle out to Creole Rock, one of the top-rated snorkel spots in Saint Martin’s Marine Park.

St Maarten has tons of places to enjoy stand up paddle. Whether you’re staying on the french side or on the dutch side, you can easily rent a paddle board for a day, or even for a week. Pinel island and Grand Case are really the best places to enjoy stand up paddle. They are not to be missed. But if you don’t have time to visit those special spots, we can also deliver stand up paddle boards to your doorstep. We only charge a little fee for gasoline (note: minimum of one day rental). Think about it!

Whether you call it SUP surfing, paddle surfing, stand up paddle boarding or beach boy surfing, this is one of the best additions to the “waterman lifestyle.” Everyone is in love with paddle board here in St Maarten.

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