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At Caribbean Paddling, we offer one of the best ways to discover the coastline, the underwater world and some of the most beautiful beaches of Sint Maarten. We are proud to promote that type of activity for many different reasons and one of the main is related to its little impact on the natural environment. Mother nature is precious and we love the idea of protecting her ☺.

On the very long list of the things to do in St Maarten, kayaking is definitely located at the top of the inventory. The reasonable price, the easy practice side of it and the feeling of freedom that comes out of this activity makes it an unbeatable one!

With our stable, unbreakable and beautifully colored Rotomod kayaks fitted with Hi-Comfort backrests seats, you will glide over the turquoise water with very little effort but a LOT OF FUN!! Our full range of Rotomod kayaks awaits you at the shop everyday from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

The Tango model is perfect for a little trip around the bay. The Ocean Duo is a top choice for the whole family or group of friends going out together. We also provide safety jackets, lightweight paddles and dry bags to protect your belongings from the water. 

So just grab your sunscreen, a bottle of water, a few snacks, and you will be ready for your adventure in Cul de Sac Bay! Once you are well seated on your colourful kayak, what's the plan? Where to go? What to do? 

You will find bellow our favorite spots to visit while kayaking around, for everybody’s tastes!
Gentle paddle to Pinel Island


Starting from our shop, just paddle 10 minutes towards Little Key, the first island you meet on the way to Pinel. You can not miss it thanks to its turquoise water and its impressive reef already visible from the shore!

There, the magical sandbar is the stingrays & turtles home. This is an idyllic spot, totally protected from development and only reachable by kayak. Absolutely no motor activities are allowed there, the natural reserve is very strict about it. 

This is why, most of the time, this area is completely deserted. You will only be sharing it with king crabs and our famous pelicans! They are always relaxing on the bunch of rocks located in between the sandbar and Little Key. And if they see a fish from above their spot, they will fly out in no time and plunge inside the water to catch it! You can trust us; they are better fishermen and divers than most of us. A very fun show to watch!

If you feel comfortable over there (how can you not?), park your kayak on Little Key’s tiny beach and just lay in the shallow water for a while. Restful moment guaranteed… 
Kayaks going to Pinel Island


From Little Key to Pinel Island, kayaking is very unchallenging. It should take you another 10 minutes to beach your kayak on the island. Leave it on the main beach, grab your dry bag with you and start to explore the island!

You can choose between adventure and chilling time. The two sides of the beach let you enjoy the warm Caribbean water, the sunny weather (don’t forget to put on sunscreen every 2 hours!) and to relax on the restaurant’s beach chairs & umbrellas. For those who prefer the natural shade, the palm trees are here for you! 

Visit the gift shop, order a rum punch at the Yellow Beach or a Pina Colada at the Karibuni, go for a hike around the island, try yourself at snorkeling… Pinel is like Heaven on earth. An easy heaven to reach by paddling ☺.

Feeling adventurous? Embark in your kayak and paddle to the channel between Sint Maarten and Pinel island to reach the North beach. There, you escape from the rest of the world for a little while. That beach is unspoiled and you will automatically feel away from the civilisation, which is good at some point!

Snorkeling there can be amazing too, if the sea condition allows it. When it does not, the ocean can be quite rough in the channel, so we recommend walking to the beach instead of kayaking.

From that spot, you can also hike through the easy trail to the top of the island and admire the view to the islands around: Tintamarre, Green Cay, Saint-Barth and of course, beautiful Sint Maarten

Then, when the time has come to leave Pinel Island and give it back to nature, it will take you only 10 minutes to kayak back to the shore, thanks to the wind that always comes from the backside. And after a few homemade cocktails, this is the good news of the day ;)!


  • Kayaking to Pinel Island lasts between 15 to 20 minutes
  • No queue (when booked in advance through the website)
  • Life vests available for adults and kids
  • Dry bags at your disposal to keep your belongings dry the whole day
  • Comfortable backrests to fully enjoy the ride
  • Friendly service at check in and check out ☺
  • Affordable prices for an unforgettable full day on Pinel Island’s water
“Important information: the weight limit is 485 lbs for the Ocean Duo and 308 lbs for the Tango”
Please use our booking system below to reserve your kayak. In the options tab, you will find plenty of additional services to add to your gear rental: transportation service (from your cruise ship or your hotel), snorkeling equipment, restaurants reservation…
Hit the contact button or chat with us if you need more information, it is only our pleasure to help! Don’t forget, booking your kayak is strongly recommended.

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