May we consider that you made it to the island, now what? Once you are there, you have only one thing to do : pick your restaurant, your beach chair and eventually ask for an homemade rum punch… Enjoy !
Behind that well elaborated area, you will find an untouched part of Pinel Island. Follow the tiny trail full of iguanas on the side and escape to the Northern side of the island. You will discover a wild beach protected by a reef. From the top of the hill, just pay attention to the breathtaking colours of the sea, the beach and the grapefruit trees : in other words, the perfect mix ! Just go down to the beach and appreciate this peaceful and quiet moment. And please, don’t feel ashamed if you also get this funny feeling of being the modern Robinson Crusoe ;)
Go back to the top of the hill and take the path on the left hand side of Pinel Island. First, you will have a fantastic view of Saint Martin’s sister islands : Green Cay, Saint-Barth, Tintamarre, and Anguilla. Take a picture and keep going… You will end up in the last beach of Pinel, the most wild one, chosen by the locals to camp on week ends or on Easter day. Snorkeling is not always possible over there but when the sea & weather conditions are reunited, this spot is a must ! 
The North beach of Pinel Island
“For the most adventurous of you, do not hesitate to reach this secluded area by paddling through the channel between Pinel Island and Saint Martin"
And the last, but not the least, let us introduce you to Little Key Island. Located right in between Pinel and Saint Martin, only accessible with a kayak or a standup paddle board, this small and undeveloped Island will let you speechless. Because it is less accessible, the corals are also in better condition and the sea life is very rich : tropical fish, eagle rays, turtles are waiting for you in the sea grass beds. 
Let’s not forget about the sandbar in front of little key, next to a bunch of rocks that are also the house of the pelicans. This is THE perfect place to Standup Paddle Board in Sint Maarten. When the water is calm enough, do not hesitate to paddle around this cute Island… It is worth the try ! 
To explore those beaches, don't forget to book below your gear, it's an adventure!

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