Weekly Rental


Enjoy a full week of kayaking or paddle boarding:

Staying in St Maarten for the week, you want to enjoy paddling along the coastline from your villa or strap your equipment on the top of your car to explore different spots? We have a perfect paddle board for that. 
Our F-One Matira 11' is the best paddle board for touring. 
You rent a sailing catamaran and you're looking to add a paddle board? Our F-One Matira 10'6 is the right board to fit your willing because of its great balance, and the whole family can enjoy it.
We have partnered with the finest luxury real estate companies across the island of Sint Maarten. Many of the villas have a beach access, like Baie Longue, Baie aux Prunes or Grand Case. So why not adding a kayak during your stay?
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