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Rent a kayak and explore Pinel Island, do yourself a favor with a sunset tour on a paddle board, follow our guide on a hiking tour or a kayaking tour; these are some of our current or future things-to-do in St Maarten.


Kayaking is one of the best and most appropriate thing-to-do to reach Pinel Island. It's so easy and it's such a fun way to be out on the water! No matter how many people are in your party (traveling alone, as a couple, with your family or simply with friends), and no matter what your paddling level is (beginner to pro): everybody can do it…  Especially after our little briefing before you depart for the adventure.

So go for it ! Rent a kayak - solo or double at a very reasonable price! - And spend an amazing day on our flat and turquoise sea. From our shop to Pinel Island, the sea condition is almost as calm as a lake so it should not take you too much effort to reach one of the most precious spot of Sint Marteen.

Of all sea activities, Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport. It gives you a little taste of the simplicity of the surf culture, without being as difficult or requiring. SUP also gives you the opportunity to get closer to the coastlines and see the reefs from above. Gliding over the calm Caribbean Sea and seeing the active reef below you, with all the creatures playing in the azure ocean, is pure magic. This sport activates all your muscles and you won’t even feel it because the pleasure of practicing in such a special area will take your breath away. What else?

We also offer different type of paddle boards, in order to satisfy everybody’s needs. From rigid to inflatable boards, with different sizes… And the new star of the shop has just arrived: the GIANT SUP! Perfect for a fun excursion between friends or with the whole family. This board can hold up to 8 people on it and will provide a countless number of Laughing. Out. Loud. (LOL) moments. A must try!

Any suggestion? Pay attention on the way! You might see turtles, sting rays and tropical fish! If you have time, make a stop on little key and take a walk on the sand bar in front of it. And if you have enough energy and the sea condition allows it, try a Pinel island tour with your kayak! The last one to finish the roundtrip will get a free rum punch ;)



Price per person
Solo or tandem kayak
Dry bag provided



Price per person
Inflatable board
Dry bag provided



Full set including:
mask + snorkel
and adjustable fins


Starting from a charter catamaran or from your villa, we have a wide choice of paddle boards to fit your needs. Our durable kayaks let you explore every spot around St Maarten. 
For surfing, touring or only cruising, we have the right paddle board. To enjoy the St Maarten coastline, we have the best kayaks.

Our Island

Find the best gear in St Maarten



Have you ever dreamed of paddling by night? Well, we have a tour that would certainly amaze you if you are ready for it! Imagine starting at sunset from our shop, reach the little sand bar and discover a welcome drink on a table? Then while you chat with our team, the sun goes down, the lights turn on and then the magic happens...

Amazing Sunset

Be part of an amazing experience.



We all know this: a guide is required to fully explore and discover the potential of a new place. Our local guide knows every rock or piece of sand in our area. He will show you how beautiful our island is; from the sea or the ground, Sint Maarten has something different to show, for those who choose to see differently.

We have monitored the best spots (and not-to-tough) to discover. Our bay of course, because Pinel Island is not the only option around, but also the mountain just behind us or the trail which follow the shoreline to the best surf spot of the island.

We have one island, but so many ways to see it.

Off the Grid

Let us guide you to the unknown path.



Standup paddle boarding is super easy to get the hang of. But, if you feel like you need lessons, we offer those too! Our instructor will give you the basics and help improve your technique.

Let us help you
catching the SUP attitude!

Ride your board like Laird Hamilton.

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