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Enjoy a full week of kayaking or paddle boarding:

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Staying in St Maarten for the week, you want to enjoy paddling along the coastline from your villa or strap your equipment on the top of your car to explore different spots? We have a perfect paddle board for that.

You rent a sailing catamaran and you're looking to add a paddle board? We have the best boards to fit your willing, and the whole family can enjoy it.

We have partnered with the finest luxury real estate companies across the island of Sint Maarten. Many of the villas have a beach access, like Baie Longue, Baie aux Prunes or Grand Case. So why not adding a kayak or a paddle board during your stay?

Find the best kayak

Ocean Duo

$24 per day

The Ocean Duo kayak is a tandem kayak which can hold up to 3 person. Its durable construction and stability is the perfect family kayak for rental companies.
Starting from a beach or a charter boat, it will give you a lot of fun times!


$12 per day

The Tango is incredibly versatile and will be your best companion to explore the coves from your charter boat. Stable and robust, he is not afraid being dragged on the beach and is a top choice for villa rentals.

Find the best board for your holiday

We have made strong partnerships with two major brands in the paddle board world: F-One and Sroka. We have now a large fleet of paddle boards that covers all your needs! From our very stable 10'3 inflatable model to our 14' bamboo carbon race board, our range of paddle boards will satisfy everyone, beginners or experts!

Inflatable 10'6

$13 per day

Our most durable paddle board, stable and light. This board will fit any kind of rider.


$15 per day

Our fiberglass model, its construction adds to the qualities of the Manawa shape makes this board stable and accessible to anyone.

Size: 10'6

Level required: beginner


$25 per day

Ideal for your afternoon cruise along the beach, this board will also let you catch small waves. You will be impressed by its responsiveness

Size: 9' or 9'6

Level required: advanced


$50 per day

Inspired from the racing world, these boards are designed to perform in all kind of conditions: flat, ocean or even across a beach break…

Size: 12'6 or 14'

Required level: expert

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