Located right at the ferry dock of Pinel Island, « The Yellow » - that’s how the locals call it – is right there ; waiting for you to enjoy this precious day to the fullest. Ask « Oliver », our favorite beach boy, to show you your beach chairs or your table literally digged IN the crystal blue water. This is just the perfect spot for groups, families or just party lovers. The famous « Martin » is at the bar, expecting your cocktails order. They will be brought in no time and will have a sweet taste of vacations, of freedom, of disconnection from the real world. That’s what we call the Yellow way ☺ 

After a few drinks, let yourself guided to your well deserved table on the beach, under the coconut palms creole houses and order from their great and wide menu. They offer pretty much anything you can think of and the taste of it is a guaranteed success. 

Don’t be surprised, you might have neighbours swing by your table while enjoying your lunch – no worries, those are our dear Iguanas ! And the Yellow Beach is their home, their park of joy. They have been growing here before us and we love their dinosaurs look ! 

After a great – and calm - lunch break, you are more than welcome to go back to your beach chair for a good nap or to your water table for another drink. ;) 


Let us picture the day for you : reaching Pinel Island – either with one of our kayak and paddle board or with the ferry – you direct yourself to the restaurant located on the left hand side of the Island, when you are facing it. 

This little place made of wood, under the coconut trees… completely belongs to Pinel, from the natural architecture to the spirit that comes out of it. Erick and Marion, the owners, have built this place step by step about 30 years ago. And the success of it speaks for itself ! Once you get there, ask the beach boy the lead you to your (reserved) beach chairs, ask for one of their homemade cocktails with fresh fruits and you can start to settle down for a relaxing day on the Caribbean white sand ! Take a nap, improve your sun tanning, go snorkeling, let yourself tempted for a nice hike on the island or just lay in the turquoise water… And if you pay attention, you might see fishermen delivering the fresh fish & lobsters directly at the restaurant's private dock.

Are you feeling hungry ? Go inside the restaurant and sit at one of their wood table. If you are lucky enough, you might get one of their tikki hut table by the water… And the perfect day goes on and on... Everything on their menu is fresh with a taste of real Caribbean cuisine – probably one of the best of Sint Marteen ! Maybe because the kitchen team remains the same since the opening, perhaps because you are at the heart of the creole energy, most probably because the products used are the best of the best… Anyway, no matter what you will order, you won’t regret it. So just look your surroundings, appreciate the friendly service and enjoy your meal… 
Colourful Karibuni Restaurant
The Karibuni from inside
Have you made up your mind between those two amazing restaurants? This would be our pleasure to help you making beach chairs & lunch table reservations!

That way, you will be all set for the day: from the kayak/paddle board rental or the ferry ride... And if you haven't booked it yet, we can also help you with transportation from your hotel, villa or cruise ship! Our goal is to make your life easier :)
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