We will take you there for an unforgettable day! 

Years after years, Pinel Island has become a "must see" for all the visitors of our friendly island. Why? Simply because Pinel has it all: the beauty, the crystal blue water, the white sand, the culinary experience, the wild side for the nature lovers… And of course, the travel sensation. No matter what you are looking for; relaxing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, venturing around or just sipping under the Caribbean sun… You can not be disappointed after a day on that little piece of paradise.

Caribbean Paddling offers a friendly way to explore Pinel Island: Rent a kayak and/or a Stand Up Paddle board and explore this little paradise.

But that is not it! We also rent the GIANT Paddle Board which provides even more fun that you can share right away with your friends and family, by paddling all together like a real boat crew ;) And for those who like to get closer to the underwater world, check out our brand new snorkel Reefboard which makes snorkeling even easier than it is already. A new sensation for an additional complet feeling of freedom in the protected Marine Park.

Don't think twice, just go for it! Your experience in Pinel Island will just get to the higher step... If it is even possible ;)

Travel Experience

We’ve been in the tourism business for 15+ years, and have been always trying to improve, day after day, for you.

Quality Guaranteed

We offer the best equipment and advices for our customers, from beginners to experts. No compromise on quality.

Friendly Support

From the very first contact (email, chat or phone) to the latest follow-up, we always make sure that our guests feel like home. 

Real reviews from real customers ;)

“My wife and I rented a 2 person kayak and snorkel equipment here to head over Pinel Island. Stephen was a great guy and set us up with what we needed.”
Marshall, Hollywood
“My husband and I kayaked to Pinel Island. Caribbean Paddling made it easy - ordered online. Definitely worth the trip and only $30 for the day.”
Bob & Beck, Kirtland
“We rented kayaks on our trip to St Maarten. We were immediately greeted and set up with our boats and given some advice on where to go.” 
Suzanne, New York
My wife and I rented stand-up paddle boards last Sunday to go to Pinel Island and we had a blast. Great time, we will definitely be back!”
Ben, U.K.

Our Weekly Fresh, Useful Information!

By Ozzy & Fanny 15 Jan, 2018

For 2018, we have decided to improve again our service and give it some good tastes. We now offer a wonderful picnic box for your day at Pinel Island to take on board your kayak or your paddle board! And you want to know what's the best part of it? This is:

  • French 
  • Fresh 
  • Homemade          …and…….
  • Eco-friendly !!!

A pretty good combo, right? We put it together for you in the morning of your rental and give it to you directly at the shop, right before you paddle out to Pinel Island for the day. The bamboo style looking of the cooler and the packaging of all the surprises inside will make you want to eat it before “it’s time”. You will see ;-)

And just to be sure to make your mouth watering about it, let us describe the menu: 

By Mélanie 14 Dec, 2017

Qui n'a jamais rêvé de s'envoler vers les Caraïbes ? Cette destination abonde d'archipel et d'îles tropicales propices aux vacances. À l'instar de Saint-Martin, une île caribéenne dont une partie est un territoire français et l'autre néerlandais. L'avantage de se rendre dans ce genre d'endroit est que vous serez à plus de 6000 kilomètres de la métropole, pourtant vous serez toujours en territoire français. Et en plus, ce ne sont pas les activités qui y manquent. En ce sens, n'hésitez pas à passer quelque temps à Saint-Martin pour vous évader et passer de bons moments de détente.

By Chris Cole 13 Dec, 2017

There is a debate about which is more fun to use. A standup paddleboard or a sit-on kayak. Each brings their own benefits, yet there are times when a sit-on kayak edges in front of a paddle board. Here are five reasons why it does just that.

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Barbados doesn’t always get the credit it deserves as one of the more diverse Caribbean islands, in terms of terrain and attractions. There are rocky and sandy coasts, small towns and resorts, and more remote areas for exploration. It’s a small island, but one that’s a real treat to visit, should you ever get the chance. Plus, as with most Caribbean islands, it’s full of excellent places to go paddling! We’ll highlight three of them below.
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So, you’ve taken up the sport of paddleboarding, and you're wondering how to optimize your experience on the water with the essential gear. You're ready to hit your local lake, beach or river, but what should you bring in your paddling excursion? Now, depending on how long you intend your paddle adventure to last, you can always slip into the water with just your board, paddle and bathing suit. It's common to have less gear with you for a quick paddle session, or when sharing a board with the family on a beach day. But if you plan on being out on the water for more than twenty minutes, here are five essential tips for beginner paddleboarders to keep in mind.

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Si vous envisagez de partir en voyage dans les Caraïbes , de nombreuses îles sont alors toutes aussi intéressantes les unes que les autres comme destination de vacances. Quitte à en choisir, pourquoi ne pas opter pour l'une de celles qui sont considérées parmi les plus belles d'entre elles ? Vous aurez d'ailleurs l'embarras du choix, mais voici quelques-unes des îles parmi les plus prisées des voyageurs pour leur beauté et surtout de leurs atouts indéniables en tant que destinations balnéaires.
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