Pinel Island


Pinel Island is located at the North East side of Sint Maarten. In addition of being a little treasure in the middle of the Caribbean sea, it is also one of the most visited places of Sint Maarten. This paradise for kayakers, standup paddle boarders, snorkelers, hikers… is a huge part of the local Marine Park which makes it even more special. You can access the island by ferry boat, kayak or standup paddle board from Cul-de-Sac. It’s right there, just waiting for your visit ☺ 
When you reach Pinel Island, the first thing you see is this famous postal card : the turquoise water, the white sand, and the coconut trees in the back ground. Welcome to the main beach ! The perfect spot for families travelling with kids and people looking for a relaxing area. 

Once you are there, you have only one thing to do : pick your restaurant, your beach chair and eventually ask for an homemade rum punch… Enjoy !
What's on the menu?
Food. Everybody loves to eat. But not everybody can enjoy some great meals in an amazing place. Pinel, a unique secluded Island, located at the very north of Sint Maarten’s french side, where the Caribbean sea is as calm as a lake and as clear as an aquarium. To sum up, a fortunate accident of geography… With two amazing restaurants on it ! 

The perfect definition of paradise for each of us tastes. 
Wanna do somethin'?
Renting a kayak or a paddle board from our shop does not only help you to reach Pinel Island from Sint Maarten. It gives you the opportunity to discover Cul de Sac Bay which offers many different spots that you would not even suspect they exist before. But there are so many different ways to spend a day!
Take me there
From a small ferry to a private boat charter, from Sint Maarten's land or directly from the Atlantic Ocean, with a kayak or a paddle board... There are many options to reach this little piece of paradise! Everyday, hundreds of people - locals and tourists - are coming back from Pinel Island with a smile on their face and only one question in their mind: "when are we coming back?"

Are you the next one?
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