Paddle Surf

Standup Paddle Surf
in Sint Maarten!

Leaving the flatwater paddle boarding aside for a moment, let's talk about surfing with stand up paddle boards! Standup paddle boards offer an excellent introduction to surfing if you're a beginner, and they also give a unique sensation to experienced surfers. Saint Martin and Sint Maarten have many places for paddle surf: Wilderness, Galion Beach, Caye Verte, Anse des Peres and Baie aux Prunes in Saint Martin. Guana bay, Mullet Bay and Beacon Hill in Saint Maarten.


Wilderness is the most radical surfing spot on the island. Here, you paddle surf in the heart of the Marine Park. In this highly-protected place, you paddle surf with raw nature. It's a short and fast right wave. No houses, just a little beach called Petite Caye. The surfers reach this spot by the path that goes along the coastline. Us paddlers though can reach this place via the ocean, and just paddle downwind. It's not easy, but it's amazing!! This spot works with a North swell. Paddle surf conditions start to get good when the waves are 1 meter.


Go to Galion Bay, next to Orient Beach, and you'll be able to surf all-year-round! It’s not really a paddle surf wave, but it IS a consistent spot. Watch out for the shallow reef when you ride the wave in and always be aware of other surfers. It is a fun surfing wave for beginners. The Surfing School on the beach takes kids out here for lessons frequently. Wait until the end of their lesson and you will have the spot to yourself! This spot works with an East swell. The wave is a left.


Caye Verte or Green Cay, which is also in the Marine Park in front of Orient Bay, is a very good place for paddle surfing with small and easy waves. It only takes 10 minutes to cross the bay with your paddle board and reach the beach on the wild side. The spot is located between Green Cay and the point at the end of Orient Bay. Many waves have reef just below the surface. So, go into the lagoon and find the beginner spot which has zero reef. The waves are not perfect, but are very easy to catch. Don't forget your snorkeling gear to explore one of the best snorkeling spots on St Martin. It is located at the very end of the island, on the left. On the other side, sit peacefully on the sand and enjoy the view of Tintamarre Island and St Barthelemy.


Plum Bay or Baie aux Prunes, is the last surfing beach before you cross into the dutch side of the island, St Maarten and its kingdom of duty-free shops and its cruiseships dock. Here you can find an easy right-hand, longboard wave in front of beautiful multi-million dollar houses. It works when there is a North swell. This wave is also often empty. When it really works, it's the perfect stand up paddle surfing wave! Fifty meters far from the beach, there are no rocks, no reef and no other surfers. Truly, a very rare sight these days!
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